What About Tomorrow?

“and even to your old age I am he;

and even to [grey] hairs will I carry you:

I have made, and I will bear;

even I will carry, and will deliver you.”

(Isaiah 46:4)

So … you were in your own space, your own home, making your own coffee, waking up in your own bed, surrounded by your own stuff, a cocoon of memories, making your own decisions about where to go, what to do, seeing who you wanted to see, doing what you wanted to do, having a cigarette with your coffee, a glass of wine before bedtime, maybe even going to church on Sunday. And then Old Age suddenly visited. The body “stoved up,” or you had a heart attack, even a stroke (are there big ones or small ones? I don’t know, but I do know that everything changed).

Someone else makes the coffee. No smoking allowed, it’s bad for your health. No wine before bed, maybe a glass of prune juice and a cracker. No familiar welcoming bed, and who is that in that other bed? What’s next? Try a real conversation with God. Will it be …

"Why me?  How did I end up in a place like this? What will become of all my stuff?  Who will even care?"

Or will it be …

"Father God, it's always been just you and me, and here we are, together in this place.  Please keep me sweet and kind to those making and serving me coffee, and make us friends: all the nurses, aides, doctors, and especially that person in the other bed."

May we, you and I, spread a little love around. Amen.

Thinkin' 'bout goin' to the Nursin' Home
jist visitin' folks, makin' thar livin' thar now
Not workin', jist layin', or sittin' and breathin'
In thar home away'fn home, not fer long -not long left
Prob'ly not mor'n ten, fifteen year, bound to pass quick like
Waal it did when 'r younguns wuz young
Now thar old, blink of an eye -t'was
Whole lotta talkin' goin' on thar, mostly about the ustas
And the wuzzas, not a whole lotta'bout the I am, I can
I will, or I'm so busy!  But ya know
Thar's somethin' kinda calm and restful, and somethin'
To be learned 'round the ustas and the wuzzas in this
Fancy Nursin' Home -away from home- kinda sets me thinkin'
When I wuzza beginner and we usta hafta take
A rest on our friendly little blankets after recess
In our first home away'fn home

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