Borrowed Words, Borrowed Thoughts

As I am writing this today, I realize I am a borrower. I am compelled to use words which I have borrowed from someone, sometime or somewhere, during my lifetime.

I may borrow from scripture, songs, poems or stories. I may recall and quote some I have heard spoken in a lecture, a sermon, or even from the lips of a child.

It would be impossible to remember all those from whom I have borrowed.

I am particularly grateful for the written record of the words of God as He spoke all things into existence.

Generations later, His Word became flesh, and dwelled among us for a few years. At some point during his three-year ministry, He, Jesus, preached, to a multitude of listeners, a simply profound, memorable sermon, known as the ‘Sermon on the Mount.’

Perhaps we should re-read it and deliberately put its principles into practice.

This Sermon may be located and read from any old or new copy of the Holy Bible. Any version will do. It’s found by clicking here, and in Matthew, Chapter Five, in the New Testament, and it continues from there.


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