A Seasonal Caution

Deep within the heart of me is a familiar voice I’ve heard before. I am hearing it again. It speaks a language I understand, telling me to curtail cavalier and to minimize mingling. Some media voices are saying it will be all right for me to go where I need to go, provided I am careful to wash my hands, wear a protective mask, and consider the space between myself and others. “The worst is over,” some are assuredly saying, “we understand more now.” I wonder, though, do we really know more?

Then speaks that voice within more clearly. I am listening. The first phase has passed, but a fresh season has begun, and the virus mixtures won’t be fun. Some familiar cold and flu germs will rise up with strong imitations, both varied and unfamiliar, and be associated with Covid.

This is a new phase of rest, not fear. Practice caution: don’t be cavalier. Autumn removed her brilliant covering to prepare for rest, under a blanket of white snow. All of nature has followed suit, in separate spaces. Perhaps I should too. I am still listening to my inner voice, to shelter in place. The trees of the field are.


2 thoughts on “A Seasonal Caution

  1. Every time you speak (write) I retreat back to that extremely shy little girl. As I sat at your feet and peeked up to watch your face as you spoke, I would hang onto every word. At some point you would always look into my eyes and give me that smile. You know the smile that told me….. I love you, it’s going to be okay, I’m never going to leave your side and made me physically feel like you were hugging me. You showed me the love of God. You let the love of God show through you to everyone you knew, yet you made me feel like I was your favourite, I’m sure everyone feels equally favoured. Your wisdom has guided me through my life and will carry me home one day. You have always been there for me with…… you know……..That Smile. I will cling to your words……. I cherish every one of them. I will store them away in my heart. I know where they come from and I will always trust them. They have never let me down. Thank you so much for starting JustB, I absolutely love this. I was so excited when I received the email telling me there was a new one. So thank you very much.

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