Corona 2020 (a poem without end)

Where did you come from

How long will you stay

Creeping along silently

seeking your prey

Attacking relentlessly

subtly search

The weak and infirm

Even those who are healthy

Receive the germ

Death in your wake

Spreads panic and fear

Perplexing anxiety

A plague! Nothing’s clear


In this hour of time

We have pills for afflictions

If there’s a symptom

We have redemption

Opioids -the only restriction

These symptoms are new

Unrelated to previous flus?

Phantomly similar!

Extremely severe

We wish it were over

Still it is here.


Former days of

Unconventional routine

Have become numbered

Days of quarantine

We patiently await

Media announcements

Making it clear

We have a commencement

A brand new beginning

Without fear or dread


Is this fake news?

Or can it be true?

I may still wear a mask

And safe distance from you

Pausing in place

Practice good hygiene

Hoping to hear strains

From ‘The Sound of Music’

And once again

‘Begin the Beguine’


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