Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged), with its 1993 Addenda Section, includes some 470,000 entries.

I must use them, do I have enough?
I don't think I have any big enough.
I don't think I have any strong enough.
I don't think I have any bold enough.

There are so many “prophetic style” messages popping up continually on Youtube, I just can’t take the time to watch or listen to them.

It may be because Jesus said “only my Father knows.” That secret is balanced by some words in the Book of Daniel which indicate that God reveals secrets to those He loves or who love Him.

Perhaps, if I were to take time to listen, I could profit some from the visions, dreams, prophecies, but Jesus covers it so well, and so simply, in the Book of Matthew. Paul, in some of his letters to the churches, adds further details, quite simply to the words of Christ.

Daniel, Ezekiel and even John the Revelator have given us fantastic pictures for hours of study and contemplation. However, the fact is, Jesus said only his father in Heaven knows when. Thus, my only conclusion must be: I can only know as it unfolds, and then only if I have eyes to see and ears to hear. Hear what, the trumpet, or His voice amidst the multitude of voices, profoundly babbling prophetic words?

When I consider that chapter in Matthew spoken by the Word who became flesh, and He spoke then what we can read now, I trust those words to be authentic and easily understood. So even I can know? No, no one can know the day nor the hour, so I plan to occupy until he comes.

His plan will come to pass.


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