God is Good

There is a part of me that belongs to God. It is that which God calls my soul. It is my special gift from the God of creation. It is what makes each human being unique and different from any other. I say a simple childhood prayer at night:

Now I lay me
down to sleep
I pray thee Lord
my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray thee Lord my soul to take

When my eyes open in the morning and I arise from my bed and take my first steps into the day, do I stop to think this is my first miracle of the day? I have my breath, my whole body can move, my soul has been entrusted to me another day. Whether I acknowledge it or not, God then clothes me with his protection, with his whole armor. This portion of scripture ends with some words about making known the mystery of the gospel, which is an exciting subject for a future post.


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