A Few Abstract Thoughts to Consider

A quick read, or a variety of ideas, for hours of contemplation, especially written with the three-score and ten (seventy years) in mind, and significant to those beyond that. Those who have walked their life journey unfaithfully faithful; those who have lived long enough to see some things “come to pass” and have often found that what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good -ours or someone else’s. After all He has guided us through, how can we not see “it’s” always been about Him? The almighty God who spoke everything into being, especially human beings, and that’s what life is really all about, our being, not our doing.

However, you may say, “Our doings (our works) are very important.” In fact, I imagine some say, “I must leave something behind to be remembered for.” In the meantime, as we live and move and have our being, we can cast our care upon Him. He carries our burdens and gives us rest in our Eternal Now.


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