Another Thought About Sanctification

Yes, there is that verse at the end of the fifth chapter of Matthew, which chapter begins with the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, the greatest sermon ever preached by the greatest man who ever lived, and concludes the Sermon (makes a point):

“Be ye perfect, even as your father which is in Heaven is perfect.”

(Matthew 5:48)

“Perfect? Like God? Impossible!” This is an exclamation I’ve heard many times, and I think I may have thought it or even said it out loud, but no matter, God, the Holy Spirit, always says it louder and clearer, and reckon with it we must! Ignore it? We must not!

Let’s not belabor it. Instead, let it be simply “God is love,” and being “love,” love must be perfect. So God, through His Spirit, dwells inside of me. He is perfect in me.


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