As Time Goes By

Even though “time flies,” it is kind to leave memories. Grandpa said …

“Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.”

Horace Mann

That is pretty heavy information for a four year old, but, down deep, I felt the importance of the words he insisted I memorize. I only wish I had always been aware and used my moments, my years, more wisely. However, someone said, “It’s not the number of breaths I take, but the number of moments that take my breath away.” The passing moments create long-lasting memories. One brilliant, meaningful, breathtaking -Now- may supply hours of quiet, peaceful, enjoyable, contemplation or meditation.

Past mountains: memories, just that, and only that. They affect my Now only as I allow them to. Memories have no need to be acknowledged, remembered or re-lived, only as I choose to or choose not to.

Future mountains cannot exist on their own. They need me. They may only be created or exist by comparison, assumption, contemplation, or comprehension garnered from the past. So yes, faith as tiny as a seed can move mountains. George wrote …

“I watched a mountain tumble

it splashed into the sea

’twas then I heard a prayer of faith

as tiny as a seed”

George Hesley

And I wrote …

“Here I stand on this side of now

Gazing back at a mountain tall

Full of laughter and tears

Minutes, hours, days, weeks and years

Every now filled, full of holy perfection

I could, in a second, a minute, a now

Speak to this mountain, oh so tall

With faith in my God, as small as a seed

‘Twould tumble and fall like a tumbleweed

Nevermore thought of or mentioned by me

But, oh, what a loss, and, oh, the cost

If each now went unnumbered

And were remembered no more

Blessing upon blessing with mercy galore

Nevermore counted, nevermore told?

All treasures of life far greater than gold!

I’ll stand here and dance, pray and bow

Breathing life on this mountain -Now.

Beatrice Hesley

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