A Note About Knowing

Not only do I know that I know, I also know that I don’t know. I question what it was about eating of the tree in the Garden of Eden that Eve knew and didn’t know. Obviously, she knew that Adam knew that they weren’t allowed to eat the fruit. God had told him. So on one level she knew. However, one in authority knew why. After she partook of it and it became a part of her, in her, she really knew, and we can only imagine the depth of her knowing. Perhaps a slight comparison could be our knowing after we have asked Christ into our heart and his Holy Spirit abides in us. Suddenly, we know in a very personal way, and this kind of knowing is essential, as it is the basis of our life in Christ.

Oswald Chambers, in his December 22 reading, expresses it this way …

“A supernatural identification with His death takes place and we will know, with a knowledge that passes knowledge, that our old man (carnal being) is crucified with Christ, and then the proof is how amazingly easy the life in Christ is to live and to obey the voice of Jesus.”

My Utmost for His Highest

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