A Rainbow, a Pot of Gold

A ’50’s song …

“I’m always chasing rainbows,

Watching clouds drifting by,

My schemes are just like all my dreams,

Ending in the sky.”

Looking for the “pot” of gold at the end? Not me, I’m always trusting Jesus to keep his promises -all of them, including His promise never to flood the Earth again, signed and stamped with his logo, the rainbow.

He declares, if I seek Him and find Him and keep on seeking Him, He will prepare a place “not a pot,” with streets of gold and gates of pearl! Well, that’s how He describes it in His word, the Bible, but as you and I know, He always told his disciples stories they could understand about things He knew they could not understand (the things of the Spirit). So, I am convinced, knowing that about Jesus, that place, not a pot, is going to be far greater than gold streets with gates of pearl, mansions, etc. We don’t want to miss it. Keep seeking.

Could the rainbow be a picture of his fruit of the Spirit -all the colors of love?


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