Tell Me a Story

What is it about a story? Everyone has one, and it’s true. Wherever we go, whomever we meet, a story may be found. I recently read a phrase which gave me pause as I considered it, and I quote: “God surely must love a story.”

Each story takes a different form: sometimes just a text message, a poem, a song, an essay or a book. Stories are founded in factual and sometimes imaginary experiences by the story teller. A well expressed story may have profound impact on one listener, but may not be heard at all by another. It is our way. It is what we have.

A few years ago, I overheard a poignant short story told by my elderly husband, quietly, as if to himself:

"I can't see or hear you [Beatrice].  I can see your shadow.  Don't forget, George, you're 90 years old and God has been good to you."


4 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story

  1. “Tell me the story of Jesus. Write on my heart every word. Tell me the story most precious. Sweetest that ever was heard.” My Mom’s favorite song.

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