Situate Yourself in Your Situation

This may be a day of feeling all “ferhoodled:” unorganized, mixed up, topsy-turvy, a mess! Well, it’s probably not the first or the last ever to be experienced!

The situation might appear so complicated it would need a multi-faceted prism from which the refracted beams of light stream forth screaming to be understood, or at least recognized, a fractal day.

But wait! What about a pause, a “re-thinking” pause? Maybe it’s more like the most exquisite kaleidoscope, the one which only the slightest touch changes the design, fractal, and each slight turn brings into the instrument an ever more breathtakingly beautiful display.

May we find that ever changing beauty in the every day situations, declaring “God is my circumstance, my situation, my joy, to Him be the glory.”

It was probably an ordinary day. I chose to see it in an extraordinary way.

“Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me

all His wonderful passion and purity

Oh, Thou Spirit divine

all my nature refine

’til the beauty of Jesus be seen in me”

Hymn, Let the Beauty of Jesus be Seen in Me, Albert Orsborn

An afterthought: might an optimist be called a happychondriac?


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