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When I say or write the word, commandment, what comes to your mind? Is it any different if I say or write the same word, but add an ‘s,’ commandments? When I am driving my car and I come to a red light or a Stop sign, I recognize that as a commandment. However, it is up to me if I obey it or not. If I totally ignore it, or perhaps give a cursory glance to the right or left, I might survive the potential accident, and I might do that successfully time after time, thus coming up with a philosophy similar to: that light or sign doesn’t really mean that. It just means “be careful,” if I consider it has any meaning at all.

You may rightfully be asking yourself, right now, where is she going with this idea. It would be totally bizarre to think you could do that consistently and survive. I would applaud you for coming to that conclusion.

Yes, it would be considered bizarre to come to a philosophical conclusion that ridiculous. A stop light is more than a suggestion.

Think about the other word, commandments, those specific 10 listed in the book of Exodus. These are also more than mere suggestions and serve the same purpose as a stop light. All of them are for the purpose of protection and a more enjoyable environment in which to live life on planet Earth.


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