In this blog I plan to post truth. Isn’t that a novel, almost revolutionary idea for such a time as this? In the midst of “fake news,” with false reports of all manner, there are those who still consider themselves “truth- seekers!” I am one of those individuals, and my source of truth is in a person. We often find ourselves asking the same question Pilate asked: “what is truth.”

Christ, being judged, had previously declared himself to be the way, the truth and the life. Truly the answer to anyone seeking truth as a way of life can be found. His name is Jesus.

You may think I take some scripture references out of context. I confess that I probably do, but, if or when I do, my goal is to prove His faithfulness and constant goodness. His Word must relate to my personal, everyday life. Otherwise, it may be nothing more than a great history book. As it is to me, it is His-Story, and I pray He delights as I use it for my guide.

My posts will include quips and quotes expressing my understandings through meditation, revelation, inspiration and experience. They will also include photographs that I and, in some few cases, others I know have taken, in my garden and beyond. Please do enjoy.


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