Winter Speaks, Spring Speaks Louder

"Winter Speaks, Spring Speaks Louder"

As autumn disrobes and
trees become naked and bare
warm summer days are all gone
cool air whispers

I'm here
here to do what I do so well
I've come to bring death, so life can live
I'll cover the earth with a blanket of white
I'll sprinkle it with diamonds, in winter sunlight
I'll nurture the earth with water and rest
and show you lessons on how to live best

I'm cold and dark and I'm not patient or kind
I'm wild and I'm harsh, I come and disarm
But under my blanket, I'm oh so warm
Come springtime, you'll see, new life will be born
Your comments, so hastily spoken, will be put to scorn

When the sun didn't shine
and diamonds were gone
and the bitter cold and the slippery ice
caused your feet to slip
and you shivered and shook
and you hardly could wait 
to go in by the hearth
cozy up warm in your chair with a book
to ponder how long it might be before spring

When all of a sudden
there was that thing
a magnificent brave little crocus
up! through a blanket of ice and snow
just to please us
shook itself free as if to say

Sadly I left, you thought I had died
warm summer came, autumn disrobed
winter was long
but I have arrived
it's spring again
I'm alive and winter is why

2 thoughts on “Winter Speaks, Spring Speaks Louder

  1. I love this. Reminds me of life’s harsh blows. These blows are never welcoming or fun, but the beauty that God brings after the hurt melts away can only have come thru the pain. I love the pictures❤.

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