Debate? Argue?

A song …

“O, I love to hear His voice,

Saying, “You belong to Me,

You are not your own, With a price you’re bought,

And you’re Mine eternally;”

Wendell P. Loveless

Another chorus …

“I need no other argument,

I need no other plea

It is enough that Jesus died,

And that He died for me”

Eliza E. Hewitt

Just a couple of thoughts. I don’t like an argument. The thought of having or listening to a debate immediately puts me on edge. I am no match. I have no opinion. I have no defense. Thus it made me so happy to read in the scripture one day that the battle belongs to the Lord. My desire to let someone else fight the battle is such that that scripture is at the top of my list. I plan to let Him fight every battle I face, whether it be with myself or with something or someone else. He is my sure defense and He always wins.

Jury duty is totally outside my comfort zone. I would too often be unconvinced. I would know they both are wrong or both are right. Oops, that can’t be.

It is so comforting to know there is a righteous judge we can trust. He is always fair.

"Words for Sale"

Oh who will buy my words for sale
All second-hand, some like new
Buy them all, or only a few
Some bring comfort like a worn out shoe
Others are sharp, and cut clear through
Some reap a harvest of peace and joy
While others may wound the heart of a boy
They're all for sale, the cost is high
Well worth the investment, give them a try
They might be tarnished and take some time
Clean them up and I'm sure you'll find
A wealth of love and some peace of mind
If you will buy these words from me
I'll take what you give and be set free
To sail away in a midnight sea
And just dream dreams of you and me

(Beatrice J. Hesley)

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