Yes, I was spoiled. I thought the world was my oyster. I was the center of my universe. My mother and father loved each other and others. My grandfather lived with us and teased and loved me. My aunt was with us often, and doted. Everyone and everywhere, in my formative years, were loving and kind. My memories are filled with total love and acceptance.

My encouragers taught me how to whistle and sing and spoke to me in a soft and gentle manner. “If you climb up and take a smell of that jar of homemade, fresh horseradish, you will be sorry. Don’t do it.” I did, and I was. Lesson learned. “If you sit still and be quiet, speak when you’re spoken to, you’ll be glad you did.” I would do that, and I was glad I did. Lesson learned. Listening to Reverend Billy Graham preach, he said if I were the only sinner, Christ would have gone to the cross for me, so I should ask him to be my savior. I did ask him, and I have been glad. Lesson heard and heeded.

Mama said, “Someday, when you die, there will be a big book in Heaven with names in it, the Book of Life, ” and I would be happy if my name was in that book.

These 80+ years, living in this world, surrounded by love, kindness and mercy (please don’t remind me of any of the times I wasn’t), have been such a gift. I would, if I could, do it all over again. And if I could, I’d do it with you, my Heavenly Father, savior, soon-coming king.

And the book will be open.


One thought on “Spoiled/Loved

  1. I’m the fourth of five kids. My mother made the three older kids let me win at checkers, so I wouldn’t be discouraged. We called the youngest, “Spoiled Rotten.”


    Dave Parks

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