Seek and You Shall be Found

What would be the good of my being able to convince an unbeliever of the truth of the Bible without him or her knowing the author? I have only offered wonderful, difficult to understand words. However, those words, mixed with faith and the Holy Spirit, become powerfully alive, converting the soul and convincing the mind of the truth. All at once we know this world is no friend of grace. And God himself hides in us so that throughout our lives we play hide-and-seek with Him. We take turns hiding and seeking. Oft-times, in our aging, we find ourselves being a seeker, making sure of our prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. That mark, that goal, is to be sure we will be with Him. Sometimes in our weakness we may even be tempted to cry out “ready or not,” but ultimately that becomes the call of God, as He is the ultimate seeker in the game. He calls “ready or not, here I come,” and finds us where we are.

May we be found in him and He in us.

Once upon a time, I happened upon a very large jar, trying to keep its balance on the rim of Earth.

Standing like a sentinel, next to the jar, and also keeping balance on the rim, stood a sign which read:
     "Guess how many words are in this jar
      and they're yours."

The jar contained all the words ever spoken, written or sung between Alpha and Omega, and they could be used any way I chose.

At first, I thought I'd like to have it.  But then I thought of all the mean, hateful, hurtful, dirty words I'd ever heard, and I knew there were many more inside that jar that I had never heard.  I wondered how it kept its balance, there upon the rim. Then I decided it must contain more good words than bad.  If I guess the number right, and should get them all, what if I should drop the jar and the words all tumble out, and when I try to gather them, the bad outweigh the good?

If I risk it and I win, will the world be better, or if I lose, will it be badder?  Guess I'll not try to guess right now, lest it should be the latter.

Let me think now.  If all the words are in that jar, from Alpha to Omega, then what good is that?  I could only say what's been said, or sing what's been sung, or write what's been writ.

I simply have no use for worn-out words and metaphors.

However, just as I think I might venture a guess, I look around, expecting a line.  But no, they're all gathered around, cheering me on.

With the jar on the rim and me on the round ~ I remember Babylon.

     The tower
     And how it fell
     And quickly I say:
     Don't cheer me on
     you just go ahead and babble on.


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