What is Truth or Who is Truth?

True story: camping out with family in a state park in Florida, I awoke in the night and stepped out of the tent and over something which in my half-awake state appeared to be a very large lizard (the tail), and a bit later stepped back over it to get more sleep. In the morning we had great excitement watching a park ranger wrestle a four foot long alligator into the back of his vehicle and release it back into the river. Why didn’t it snap me up? It had eaten something else, the ranger said, and appeared to be resting and digesting.

Another true story: I love to tell about a man who lived on Earth a long time ago, who was actually born in a barn, did many amazing things, and was only here a little over thirty ears, had a sense of humor, but tended to be more on the serious side. He did many kind and miraculous things and ended up being arrested, put on trial, and was pronounced guilty when everyone knew he was innocent. He was questioned by the one in charge, who was himself in doubt regarding the conviction, and asked the condemned man, what is truth. Then had him led away and put to death by crucifixion. He might better have questioned who is truth instead of what is truth.

“The trial is over, Pilate’s wife sent away,
Her message ignored, “Guilty” the cry
“Take Him away, hang him high”
The road was long, the hill was steep
Cyrenian Simon helped carry His cross
The soldiers gambled for a mere piece of cloth
While leaders scoffed, and others mocked
They cried, “Save yourself -and us”
So, He did what they asked
He gave Himself up to death on the cross
They stood by and watched ’til He died
“It is finished” He cried
“All over” they said
All His creation then suffered and shook
The sun hid its light, the earth yawned
The dead in Christ rose and walked about
Joseph stepped up and offered a tomb
Requested the body of the Savior of Men
Providing a place for Him to be laid
But the stone rolled away
Christ walked away
Leaving graveclothes behind
He was unrecognized
But those who loved most, hurried to say
“He has risen
He lives
It’s just as He said
He is the way
He is the truth
He is the Life!”

Beatrice Hesley

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