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The reason, if I needed one, why I deliberately choose to live life as a Christian is a very selfish reason. I love the benefits. I have a personal daily guide, a peaceful heart, and a fearless, hopeful future. When I look in the mirror, the reflection shows only a fully forgiven, loved, redeemed faceContinue reading “Forgiven”

Another Riddle

In reference to a recently posted blog titled “We Shall Know,” I am smiling as I recall the fun I had writing it, as a loosely formed riddle, especially after living this particular week, which has been referred to, by many, as the Holy Week. This week culminates in Maundy Thursday’s foot-washing, commemorating Christ washingContinue reading “Another Riddle”

A Testimony

This love I have experienced throughout my lifetime is indescribable, yet here I am trying to use words to describe it. How many others have tried? Countless others, including gifted authors, thoughtful poets, talented musicians have tried, in multiple ways, to rightly or adequately express the all-encompassing, unfathomable magnitude of love. One word. Sometimes IContinue reading “A Testimony”

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