An Answer to His Prayer?

I am not a perfect answer to His prayer. In this earthly vessel, I fail completely.

I have chosen to be an answer to His prayer. In the 9th verse of the 17th chapter of John, Jesus prayed, “I pray for them … which thou hast given me [at that time].” In the 11th verse of the same chapter, He continued with these words, “… that they may be one as we are.” In the 20th verse, He prayed for those who would believe in Him, and that would include me. The 21st verse explains a little more explicitly what this whole intercessory prayer was. As the author concludes in the 23rd verse, and through the end of the chapter, it’s that we may be made perfect so that we may be with Him to behold his glory.

My choice is simply to be an answer to this prayer. He has promised to do the rest. He gives me His spirit. He leads and guides me every day. He gives me His perfect love, which enables me to love others. These facts from His word inspired me to pen this poem:

"An Answer to His Prayer"

You are my I Am
I Am your I Am
You are the answer to my prayer
I choose to be the answer to yours
You gave me life
I give you mine
You gave your Son
and loaned me mine


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